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Speed up your computer without spending a penny.

Speed up your computer without spending a penny.
Speed up your computer without spending a penny.

Speed up your computer: As a computer gets older, most of the times it happens that it starts working slow. The PC might get sometimes hanged during your job and may cause disturbances. Formatting the computer or deleting all the contents in it might be a solution but all the relevant documents in your PC will be removed in this process.

If you want to speed up your computer but do not want any files in it to be deleted, then we are here with the solution for you. We have come up with tips which will solve your problems and help you increase the speed of your system without any burden or expenditure.

System resources:-
These are commonly affected by the memory and processor of your computer system. Whenever you load applications on your pc, the available system resources are used in the process. When there is a supply of Internet connection in a computer system, many applications get downloaded and installed automatically in it.

These kinds of programs affect the speed of the computer and make the system slow. First of all, select all the applications present on your computer which you do not use. Then delete all of them. By uninstalling these requests, you can increase the speed of your computer.

To do this, go to the start menu in your computer screen first and then search for run command option. After that, a window will open where you need to type “ms config” and press the enter button. Then click on the startup tab and delete those applications from the list which you do not use or those who are unnecessarily installed in your PC.

Keep your hard drive safe:-
The hard drive of your computer system is the place where all of the data are stored safely. When the speed issue starts arising in your PC, check your hard drive and make sure that it is working smoothly.

The hard disk of a computer has all the necessary software saved in it, without which the system of equipment cannot work.

Try not to overload the hard drive, always make sure that you do not keep too much data in it. Save only the most relevant software in the hard disk and move the least significant ones elsewhere. Also, do not keep any personal information on the C drive.

Keep your PC safe from spy wares and malware:-
Spy wares and malware are the most dangerous things a computer system can possess.

These are very much risky for your system and the files in it. Spy wares, malware, and ad wares not only puts the secrecy of your data in danger but might also steal those valuable system resources which are essential for your system.

If you do not want the speed of your computer to be low then always install registered antivirus in your PC. Along with this scan your computer every month.

The tips above are straightforward and readily applicable. It will help you increase the speed of your PC and save your expenditure too.

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