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Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 so far

Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 so far.
Top 5 best smartphones of 2018

This is techblogexpert’s top 5 best smartphones of 2018 list.
Of course, it might be different from yours, but that’s okay. We can still be friends, right?…
We don’t have to fight.

I’m just giving you my top five picks, but I will be giving you my overall favorite so far in this article.

Let’s go and check out the first device on this list of “Top 5 best Smartphones of 2018”.

The first in the list is HUAWEI P20 PRO.
Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 so far

Now, this is actually my one of the favorite device from the brand Huawei. It’s actually pretty good in designed and I love it.

The gradient finish of this phone is very unique and looks very, very slick. This Smartphone comes out there with a proper triple camera setup.
Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 so far
It takes awesome pictures, especially when it comes to zoom. Its got the best zoom on a smartphone right now. three times optical zoom as well as five times hybrid zoom, and the night mode of the Huawei P20 PRO is absolutely awesome.

It takes a four-second exposure or like multiple shots over four seconds and it gives very brightly low night images. This smartphone got a good battery life and it comes with 4,000 mAh battery, which should last you all day long.

Although the images it takes are absolutely great overall, the same cannot be said for video.
You’ve got no stabilization at 4K, which is really disappointing, and generally, I’m not a fan of the software.

There is a lot of things such as beauty mode, which you really just cannot switch off, and it blows a resolution of the video.

There are just a few things in the UI which I think definitely could be improved.

We have a notch, which most of the people don’t like and we’ve got a full HD resolution,not quite HD and this price, which is around 800 pounds in the UK.

Some of this things I would have expected and also the fact that it’s got the kirin 970 which is a great processor but this is last years processor and if you are charging flagship prices this year, then I would expect a new processor that really completes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

However, if you can get over some of those things then the Huawei P20 PRO is a great option.

Now the next device on my Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 list is the ONEPLUS 6.
Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 so far

OnePlus 6= The OnePlus 6 is an absolutely awesome device, this is the best bang for the buck device that you can buy right now.

470 Pounds for a 64-gigabyte base model is absolutely insane. That’s less than a half compared with the price of the iPhone 10.

You could buy tow OnePlus 6 devices and have money left over for maybe some Bullets Wireless earphones compared to something like an iPhone 10. And for that price,you’re actually getting the really good package.

OnePlus 6 comes up with the great design, and have a pretty good full HD Plus AMOLED display.
It’s also one of the fastest devices which come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. A base of 6 gigabytes of RAM.

OnePlus 6 has one of the fastest charging methods right now. Cameras have also been improved, although I wouldn’t say they are as good as some other devices overall, honestly speaking, they are great cameras for the price and you have still got a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

Now you do miss certain things like stereo speakers, and you don’t have an official IP water-resistant rating although it’s absolutely fine.

And as with the P20 Pro, we do have a notch, which, once again I know lots of people don’t like but overall, for the package that you get for the price, the OnePlus 6 is a great device.

Now the next Smartphone on my list is the LG G7.
Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 so far

LG G7: It comes in at 600 pounds, which, in my opinion, what you are getting is a perfectly great price.

LG G7 has got a super bright LCD display with Quad HD+resolution. And G7 has something which many of the smartphones don’t have and that is a wide angle camera.

G7 have got a nice build in design, got water resistance, expandable memory, and also got a 3.5 mm headphone jack with a hi-fi plug die and you have got a boom box speaker so although it’s not a separate speaker, it does use the space inside the device as a residence chamber. It does sound pretty good, especially if you have got it on a hard surface.
Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 so far

And once again as the previous devices, it does have a notch. And it’s got a 3,000 mAh battery which is okay but it’s definitely something that I think could have been better.

But once again come to that price.600 pounds for the G7 is a great price for what you are getting and for that reason it has made my Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 list.

Now the next smartphone on my list and I am kind of coupling them together are the Sony Xperia XZ2 and the XZ2 Compact would just about made it.
Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 so far

Sony Xperia XZ2 and the XZ2 Compact: With both the XZ2 and the XZ2 Compact, they offer something that’s not available on any other smartphone right now and that is 4K HDR video recording which is really quite cool to have that on a smartphone.

Now images are not as great to be honest, especially when it comes to low light. But you do have water resistance which Sony has been doing for a long time. You have expandable memory and you also have three speakers although you don’t have a 3.5 headphone jack. But the bezels of them are smaller as lots of the other competition out there.

For the price you are paying, especially for the XZ2, which is around 700 pound in the UK, it should be a little bit cheaper for what you are getting but overall these are some pretty good devices if you want something without a notch and with some of these other features.

Now the final device in the list of Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 is the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Top 5 best smartphones of 2018 so far

Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus:  They have got a great build and design, the best displays on the market right now, the super AMOLED displays with the Quad HD Plus resolution is the best out there. We’ve got a super small bevel without a notch. We’ve got several speakers, we have got a 3.5 with the headphone jack. We have got expandable memory, we have got fast charging, we have got fast wireless charging, we have got water resistance.

They are very smooth devices overall and we have got great cameras. The S9’s are the only smartphones out there with the dual aperture which is very cool and the widest aperture on a smartphone at 1.5 which is great for low light photography. Battery life could be a little bit better but for most people, the S9 and the S9 Plus are going to be absolutely fine.

Yes, they are a little bit on the pricier side but you do get what you pay for and the all-around package that you get on the S9’s makes them some of the best smartphones out this year and for all of those reasons,the S9 Plus has been best for me and will not probably be replaced ..

So those are techblogexpert’s top 5 best smartphones of 2018 so far.

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